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Gemma DugardI suddenly experienced a dagger-like pain in my right side, which brought me to my knees and I could barely walk. For six months I was in real agony as my condition remained undiagnosed.

Eventually I saw Mr Karmani and was sent for an MRI scan. This proved to show a pinch point in my lower spine.

Very shortly thereafter, Mr Karmani performed a procedure whereby I was given an epidural and I received four cortisone injections in the facet joints of my spine.

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David BowenAs a squash player I had become used to fairly regular back strains over the years, and occasionally more painful episodes involving nerve impingements.

However, when what I thought was just another strain developed over the course of 2-3 days into excruciating pain and muscle spasms, I quickly sought help via my GP. After referral to a consultant and various scans and biopsies, I was eventually diagnosed with discitis, caused by a bacterial infection – most likely acquired in the hot tub I had visited to ease the initial strain.

By this time, I was unable to walk without a frame and had to be assisted in and out of bed. I was also in extreme pain, which even the strongest pain killers did not control. I was hospitalised for a course of intravenous antibiotics but after 6 weeks the infection remained. Mobility had not improved and my spine was apparently degenerating.

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Dominique AdamWhen I was referred to Mr Karmani, I was in a lot of discomfort. I had a sharp pain all the way down my left arm and constant pins and needles in my hand. It felt like this was coming from my left shoulder, which would have made sense as I had dislocated it twice and had surgery on it.

The pain became worse and affected my work as I need to use a computer for the majority of the working day. I went to see the surgeon who had performed the surgery on my shoulder and he referred me to Mr Karmani.

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I am 58 years old and until a couple of years ago would have said I was a very active person. I played squash once a week, regularly rode horses, went to Pilates classes and walked my 5 dogs.

About 2 years ago I began to get severe pains in my lower back and down my legs. After scans and MRIs, it was found I had a slight misalignment of my spine aggravated by a cyst. I had a decompression operation (not done by Mr Karmani) which was unsuccessful. The pain continued and got worse and some mornings I could not stand up straight without taking pain killers and
anti-inflammatories. I began to feel I was never going to do the things I had taken for granted again and that I had become a decrepit old lady far too soon!

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